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Save 75% Like You Give a F**k…Thug Kitchen for only $6.18!!!

Here at Vegan Deals, we were constantly being praised for all the free vegan ecookbooks we were posting but sometimes things are too good to be true…Sure the books were free, but we later found that Amazon will let any person slap the word “vegan” on a ecookbook and sell it as such.  As a result, we were finding via other Amazon reviewers that some ecookbooks were not reflective of a vegan diet and/or lifestyle.  One cookbook we randomly found suggested goat’s milk…ewwww!!!  Basically this has halted some of these posts and we are working hard on resolving this issue for you!

So today is NOT one of these days…This is a day where you can get an actual mainstream vegan cookbook for the cost of a venti soy latte at your local Starbucks! If you have Amazon Prime, your shipping will be free and you will have your actual cookbook in two days.  This deal does NOT apply outside of the US but we believe you can still buy the ecookbook for roughly the same cost.  So please click on the image below right away to get your deal as we are certain this deal is only for a VERY limited time only!!!



A deal worth clicking on!!!


PS- We are also aware that this cookbook has stirred controversy in the vegan community.  At Vegan Deals, we choose to stay neutral with only one goal in mind…Help others get vegan items at the best prices or free!  Thank you for your continued support!


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