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If you haven’t heard of Vegan Street, you have been missing out on A LOT!!!  This site gives you the BEST memes that will leave your nonvegan friends and family speechless.  Also, you get the privilege of reading the musings of Marla Rose, known for many years as the Vegan Feminist Agitator, on the Vegan Street Blog.  I even had the honor of meeting Marla and John along with their son Justice when she invited me to talk about vegan parenting and to promote my personal blog, The Real Vegan Housewife, at Chicago Veganmania in 2013. Enough with the brief nostalgia, let me give you the link to this awesome vegan deal!


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To get more of your Vegan Street fix, please visit not only their main website, but all of their social media sites as well:

Vegan Deals - Stretching your vegan dollars!